Brake Service for Safe Driving

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Brakes are one of your vehicles most crucial safety mechanisms, but unfortunately, they do wear out which means fairly frequent brake repair. Some driving conditions that can be hard on brakes include stop-and-go driving, heavy traffic that demands continual braking, as well as lots of sharp turns or hills. This means that city and neighborhood driving will also wear out your brakes, so it’s particularly important to have regular brake service for safe driving as this is the time of year especially that you will see children walking and riding bikes to school.

Paying attention to regular brake service is just as important as paying attention to what’s on the road. Faulty brakes can make the difference between a close call and an unfortunate accident.

Knowing how your brakes work is an essential part of understanding the type of wear they are experiencing. The braking system is composed of many parts that are subject to wear and tear. The most common brake repairs are pads and shoes. If you go too long without replacing them, it can lead to much more expensive repairs, and dangerous driving.

If you notice your brakes are squealing or grinding, your are sliding through stop signs, or it is taking longer than normal to come to a stop, these are all signs you are likely in need of an immediate brake repair. However, regardless of signs of wear, schedule a brake service on a regular basis just to ensure that you are stopping safely, keeping you and your neighborhood safe. A wise vehicle owner will ask for brake service along with the scheduled oil changes to ensure proper stopping performance.

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