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Our workshop includes a variety of equipment tools, and facilities designed to facilitate the repair and service of premium German cars. This includes tools such as scanners, computer systems and lifts to service the underside part of vehicles, professional tools for specific repairs and maintenance works, and an inventory of replacement parts. To accommodate a large range of vehicles, the workshop also have multiple service bays , as well as waiting areas for customers and administrative offices for managing the business operations. Additionally, it has a tracking repair system, managing inventory, and scheduling appointments to ensure that repairs and maintenance tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.

Specialized tools in our workshops

  • Diagnostic scan tools: These tools are used to diagnose and troubleshoot issues with a vehicle's engine, transmission, electrical system, and other key systems.
  • Hydraulic lifts: These lifts are used to raise vehicles off the ground, making it easier for technicians to access the undercarriage and perform repairs.
  • Tire changers and balancers: These machines are used to remove and install tires, as well as balance them for optimal performance and safety.
  • Brake lathes: These machines are used to resurface brake rotors and drums, ensuring that they are smooth and even for optimal braking performance.
  • Air compressors: These machines provide compressed air for various tools and machines in the workshop, such as impact wrenches, sanders, and spray guns.
  • Welding machines: These machines are used to weld and repair metal components, such as exhaust systems, frames, and body panels.
  • Battery testers and chargers: These machines are used to test the health of a vehicle's battery and recharge it as needed.
  • Compression testers: These tools are used to test the compression levels in a vehicle's engine, helping diagnose issues with the engine's cylinders and pistons.
Car servicing
Audi body painting at German Tech Service center
German Tech service center
German Tech car service
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